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Your adventure awaits……

Because Sweet Tooth Pediatric Dentistry specializes in serving children, the moment they walk through our doors, they will find themselves suddenly surrounded and immersed in a dental adventure!

Enhanced by beautifully painted murals, our themed rooms will shift their attention away from any anxieties they may have and transport them to a fun-filled adventure.

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Before You Begin Your Adventure….

Children start off their adventure in search of cavities or what our team refers to as “sugar bugs” by having their x-rays taken.

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Onward to the Desert Room!

Once children have their teeth x-rayed, they will journey over to our Desert Room where they will have their teeth examined and cleaned by our expert dentist and hygienists.

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Let the Adventure Begin!

If the dentist finds that your child will need treatment, they will be scheduled for an appointment and will visit one of our special themed treatment rooms.

Will they be a sea-faring captain in our Ocean room?

Copy of Sweet Tooth-74Or a butterfly catcher in our Garden Room?

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From start to finish, our mission is to serve your children and a visit to our office will leave everyone with smiles on their faces!

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